Tuesday, September 12, 2017

So does anyone really use blogger anymore?

So many people I used to follow are gone or their blog left behind like an old mining town with the tumble weeds of now blowing through it. Hahahaha just like mine? So on that note GOOD MORNING! Im having a fatted coffee and my pecan pie bites for breakfast here. Ive learned to make a caramel with erythitol as it doesnt impact my blood glucose or insulin levels. Yay! I had to stop baking all the delicious sugary carbohydrate ridden things. I did myself in weight wise and blood work wise. It was a good run and Im not gonna lie. I do have a cheat here and there but it really and truly is minimal. Here is the recipe if you are interested https://www.heyketomama.com/keto-pecan-pie-clusters/. Hers are much looser and fabulously photographed. They are mighty tasty though.


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  2. oh my god, I must have some sort of telepathy going on with you.
    I never use my blog, never check anybody's blog ever... for years.
    And all of sudden I opened my bookmark and opened up yours and see that you just wrote in today! haha

    That recipe looks really good! thanks for sharing :)
    Oh well see you in IG :)