Friday, October 26, 2012

I may get one of these beautiful amazing mobiles so I need to get finished drawing and carving. So I can print. My friend Kim makes these for a shop in NYC called the Joinery. So go get one if you are there!! Also visit Jikits her lovely blog!!


yes i am a little obsessed with my bed but its so pretty how could i not be?


I was over at the make it easy blog and he was blogging about a cute japanese film called bread of happiness. After watching it I got a little bee up my butt to make some home made bread. Cherry pecan chocolate whole wheat. It rustic but good toasted up with butter. Where were you? Oh and if you click on the link his post has a link to watch it free on the interwebzzzzz.........................

Monday, October 22, 2012

I Think Summer is Finally Over

The only thing I wont miss is the horrible heat of late august and september. I thought I was gonna die. I lived.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Groovie Goolies Monster Mash Music Video

 I loved the groovy ghoulies. Remember Saturday morning cartoons and kung fu? Man I miss those days!


Sometimes I just cannot believe how fast the time flies 3 going on thirty. Some scenes from his birthday. I made spiderweb cupcakes brownies and caramel apples. The apples turned out thin. I needed to let the caramel cool more but I was in a rush and well you know what happens. They were still good though. Some of the kids carved pumpkins too. It was a good party.

Halloween Scenes

Are you ready? I only am because we threw a happy halloween party for jacks third birthday. I said I wasnt going to do it but I lied. In fact I am going to keep doing it until he tells me to stop.