Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Today I doodled and started a new anime series in japanese. I love how sophie couldnt careless what language is going on...she just watches. Its fun to draw and pay attention to subtitles and have children crawling on I tell you...FUN!

Breakfast Today

Open faced BLT with basil from the garden.

The heirloom tomatoes I purchased because mine are still relatively small and still flowering.

Every year we grow a tomato garden usually from seed but this year there was no time so I purchased some starts from a shop on etsy called horticopia.

We usually start our herbs from seed too but not this year...oh well. You can actually see the biodegradable pot I didnt bury deep enough.

Yummy basil.

My husband asked me to photograph some little plants we started from cuttings. Arent they cute? Right to left sedum, variegated jade,regular jade and pinetrees.

Pimpin' Myself

So the majority of things I make are cards....

Earlier in the week I was printing up an order.

That orange is pretty vibrant.

So remember swing by the renegade fair and see me.

I will have other things like screened printed tea towels and bags. I also will have cahiers and art prints. If I have time there might be some dyed wood necklaces with black illustrations.Oh yes there will be plantable bouquet arrangements with succulents and a couple planted succulent boxed arrangements. Oh and there will be snacks...most definitely.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Test Run

I used water based ink.....aaarrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh F@#$! Why is that highlighted? Anyhow I hand tinted him with watercolor pencil just for the sake of taking him to the end. HMMMMmmm.....water based ink a lovely thing but it kept drying( i spritzed the ink and the paper this was the best one of two prints) up I know one can put extender in it but then the ink is done and if I can save some ink I do. I am a cheap ass you know. Art supplies are expensive. So I patiently await my daniel smith block printing oil ink. Oil bases inks take seven days to dry. I also had lots of splotches because he wasnt mounted but I got too excited to print and then cried when everything went awry. So this week he is being glued to a board and I bought huge ass pavers for my press. screw doing it with a baren.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Heh Heh Heh....

saw this on my friends tumblr and put it on mine. no you cant see my tumblr because then you would know how depraved i really am....

Friday, June 24, 2011

Michio Kaku

This man is so cool. My husband and I have been watching and reading about him for years. He was on cnn recently concerning Fukushima. I think we need to get out our NO NUKES signs again if you ever put them away. Click here if you didnt see the interview.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cal Tjader-Soul Burst

This is a lazy post but today im making the kids listen to lots of latin jazz like me as a child. Cal makes me feel super nostalgic and lazy and warm like the sun. Hope you enjoy it like i do!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pickled Grape

So I was over at sunday suppers blog the other day and they had a string of grape related posts. Well you know I couldnt resist. So I made the pickled grape crostini with toasted ciabatta and ricotta cheese. I had to use red wine vinegar because I accidentally bought cooking white wine instead of vinegar.

We just got finished eating these and now my husband is bugging me about dinner.

They were pretty tasty. I could even drink the vinegar part....oh wait.


After....I did drink some. It may seem weird but it was actually good. I am feeling a little bit toasty right now. Sorry no photo shoot LW. Now I have to think about some dinner. Hope your evening is going well.Click here to find the post about the pickled grapes.

Works in Progress

So my asian man is done and I just need to print him out a couple of times. This happens to be another lino almost complete. I am getting ready for a mega printing of new and old stuff. I am going to be at the Renegade Craft Fair this year. I am sharing a booth with Jikits a fellow artist and blogger on Etsy. The etsy link is to her shop go check it out! If you happen to be in Los Angeles July 16th and 17th stop by and see us. I may have snacks!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


At first sight.

I thought my heart had stopped when I saw these hanging fuchsias.

I adore them.I was in charge of watering the hanging ones we had when I was growing up.

Perhaps my love of dangling things started with this lovely plant.

Indian Spiced

Yesterday I made garam masala roasted carrots with red onions and garlic. Garam masala means hot mixture as in pungent not hot like a chili pepper. I love it so much. I used a store bought one but I have made my own before in my spice grinder. I live relatively close enough to the city of diamond bar which has some really good indian markets.

The carrot mixture was put on toasted french rolls with cream cheese. I know, a carrot sandwich? Yum! Here is the cream cheese being weighed out. I only used an ounce for each sandwich.

Here is the left over golden deliciousness. I also used four tablespoons of olive oil for the mixture but next time i think i can use about 3 instead. Also I used about a pound and half of carrots one onion and 5 roughly chopped garlic cloves.I would also use another onion too instead of one. It was enough to make about 4 or 5 sandwiches. So there were leftovers.

Here is a close up of my sandwich. I must admit that more cream cheese would have been nice but you cant eat like a queen everyday,can you?

Sunday, June 5, 2011


From the supermarket....

So pretty I couldnt resist.

Six dollars well spent. I also picked up a hanging fuchsia today.Its so beautiful it hurts.

Friday, June 3, 2011


It is our eleventh wedding anniversary and I think its the first time we didnt have the day off together.

This is the cocktail we will be drinking tonight. I am hoping we will be going to The Spice Table tomorrow for lunch or dinner.

Isnt this picture so pretty? Its from my book 501 must-drink cocktails. Its a gin drink. I like gin ALOT.

Oh and the nibbles came from Pinecone Camp of course. Click on the link for the recipe. They are salty sweet olive biscuits. So now I wait for the man to come home so I can mix cocktails.