Thursday, May 17, 2012

Saturday Birthday Party

 i made one of those rainbow cakes finally
 there were actually ooohhhs and ahhhhsss when i cut it open
 streamers and balloons...we are old school birthday party here... no fancy themes
 the craft table...the kids painted pot and plants to take home and there were beads to string necklaces and bracelets
 look its kim and cute. she wrote a blog about the party too. you know jikits,right? you havent been there to see her fabulousity? hmmm go there now and be amazed at her talents.
hello and yes i need a haircut.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


i started a larger watercolor. hopefully i will finish it soon. i have been inspired by stars well i guess i have been for a long time but i kinda have a theme going here i think. i also have some ideas for the a series of paintings i want to paint called the angry heart. i know im so drama.

rainbow cake

i built a four layer rainbow cake for my daughters birthday party last saturday. here it is in the assembly period. i will post the others tomorrow. sophie turned five. i cant believe it.

blackberry financiers

 financiers are little french cakes made with brown butter and almond flour or in this case i processed sliced almonds and flour together
 brown butter is when you heat your butter and it separates and the bits turn brown by the way it smells heavenly
 traditionally these are made in rectangular molds but the recipe i used called for a mini muffin tin which yields 24 delicious cakes
 there is also honey in this recipe
 and only egg whites
but tons of sugar
have i mentioned how delicious these are and that they are all gone....
yup every last one of them. those are blackberries on the top of them too. too bad you were not here to partake in the joy. they would also be perfect with champagne. yes they would. the recipe is here. enjoy!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Zero 7 - Distractions

  i have been listening to a lot of zero 7 lately and i thought maybe you should too.

little paintings

 little water colour paintings ovate leaves
 with my favorite holbein colours peacock and opera
on arches 140 lb coldpress paper
i like the way they turned out.


so friday we were painting toes and jack get very upset because i usually tell him no. however whats the big deal? he is a little boy he wants to have fun and what does he know about gender? what do any of us know about gender and roles? so i said to myself f@$k it and painted his blue.sophie called him a boy girl and then got in trouble because name calling isnt cool. the boy was very happy though. who am i to stand in the way of that?

some more wet on wet practice this morning at breakfast. yes i paint and eat at the same time. how talented am i? not really. how was your morning?


look what i have done to my hair. yes i dyed it. then i tried to take some arty photographs of it with my iphone. i know im dorkalicious,but what can one do?

succulent flowers

the utter madness of plants but what i did do was going around here and the yard and collect the flowering stems to make a quite pretty little bouquet of succulent flowers. they are like gorgeous little gems. have you missed me? i  have missed you. i love you blogger i really do.


 what have i been doing? packing orders for daniel, painting, and stressing about my daughters birthday next weekend. have i organised the party yet? a bad lady. this painting above is called

she consulted the five petaled moons
they offered her no solution or solace
watercolor and pencil
on arches 140# coldpress
kinda drama,huh?

this one is

so she made boxes and diagrams but they were imprecise and crooked like her thinking and heart
watercolor and pencil
arches #140 coldpress

yeah i have been in a funky place for awhile, but what can you do other than ride out the storm?

 So Thursday I made strawberry apple crumbles in little ramekins
i added some sugar and cinnamon to each little one
 and a crumble topping with pecans. it was pretty dang good