Friday, July 31, 2009

A Few Things

Here is what Ive been working on for the last 3 weeks. Ive been working on drawings for collages.
I really like cutting things out. So these anemones will soon be affixed to some blue paper.

This butterfly affixed to some orange paper. Maybe they will even be in my shop.

Here are some other paintings and drawings Ive attached to my bulletin board.

Here are some new pictures of an old design...although this photo is not so great.

And finally a big bowl of summer goodness from the garden...which reminds me I need to turn the drip system off.
Looking at these pictures make me how little I have done. I'm a little low on inspiration and still have a few projects I need to finish for the shop. So much to do. I visit many blogs and I often wonder who these amazing moms are who can get so much done! I wish I had the stamina of Martha Stewart...oh well...I have the stamina of me!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Little Birdy...So Happy...

Have you ever noticed how popular birds are on etsy? Well after last week, between the dog dying and my daughter telling me no every 2 seconds I may actually treat myself to one of these beauties! Here's to happy shopping!

The first little gem of a necklace is from luxedeluxe(pictured above). There is nothing cuter than blue eggs in a nest!

The next birdalicious beauties are some turquoise hair clips from PrettyParis. Cant you just see Veronica from The Archies wearing these! If only I had some fabulous vintage styled black hair! Although I might look ridiculous at my age.

How super cute is this ring?????? I cant stand its cuteness! Someone needs to buy it...please buy this ring...its gonna look so cute on your lovely manicured hand! By the way its from
Les Petites Choses Verarodrigues.

How sweet is this silk lined bird clutch from IMHdesigns? I really hope my husband visits my blog because he would never have to guess what I want as a gift...honey are you there watching?

Have you ever been to this shop? She actually has two. CafeBaudelaire you are so lovely...let me sing the praises of your lovely images.This print is called Strawberries and Cream. I think someone should immediately snatch it up right this instant!

I hope these birds inspired you to shop are create! I know I have been! I have some bird tags in the works!

Friday, July 24, 2009

For the Birds

I will be back next week for a shopping trip featuring birds.My dog died and things here have been horrible and now I cant dowload pictures for a post. Oh woe is me. I do think its strange that I was all about birds this week and this week turned out to literally "Be for the birds!".

Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Nights

Well I guess summer is in full swing now. It is going to be about 101 degrees here today! So that makes me want to take a shopping trip through Etsy! How about a casual evening party tonight?

I thought these mixer cards from Tommymama would be the perfect invite!

I love the colors on this t shirt from Marysink. It would go great with my beige and turquoise skirt! A girl has gotta to look great and keep cool!

These colorful glasses would be a perfect addition to my outdoor table! They are from Deluxanyc!

These cupcakes are from Thecupcakemint. They are the loveliest shade of blue. They would make the most wonderful dessert. But do you really need a reason to eat cupcakes?
This mobile or about 3 of them would look dreamy in the tree in the garden...especially if you also wrap the tree with little lights. The mobile is from Jennymakesmobiles.

How cool are the napkins? They are from ChristinaWilliams. Hey Christina you rock!

So I know this trip was a little short...but it was just for the essentials! I hope it inspired you to have a evening party this summer...I'm getting ready for mine on August 8th!

Friday, July 17, 2009

MMMMmmm...Im hungry!

I am sure these pictures have been seen on other blogs...but I am having a serious cupcake Jones right now! The thing is there are plenty of really cute and delicious cupcake places but these just scream homemade butter cream yumminess and really nothing beats that! If it was not so hot I'd

turn the oven on...but I would be insane to do that?...right?...please tell me that's crazy...
By the way the cupcakes are via Martha Stewart. So click here for her cupcake ideas!

The Succulent Garden

Maybe this should be called the Jealous Wife...My husband finally opened his shop. He received his approval to sell nursery stock last week. Hurray! Well... my darling was in a treasury in less than 12 hours. He made 2 sales in less than 3 days. He made a HUGE order outside of etsy and already has a custom order going out this weekend. We sell two totally different things but it is a little bit of an ego buster until you think...yeah I'm gonna benefit hurray for me! REALLY I'm super proud of him...he loves his succulents and gardening in general. So you should check out his shop...TheSucculentGarden.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I know last weekend was the Renegade Craft Faire in LA . However , I opted to attend the
Funk Rumble in China Town. There weren't tons of vendors but loads of super cool stuff and you couldn't beat the Djs and the music they had. Unfortunately we couldn't stay for the evening part as my daughter was with was too much heat for the little one. We did enjoy drinks( i had a coke ahhh pregnancy will do that to you) at the Grandstar Jazz Club while she got down on the dance floor. There were also delicious tamales...I don't remember the name of the place but it was sure yummy!
My husband and daughter enjoying the shade by the Grandstar before my best friend and I finished shopping.
These are really cute geisha bondage t shirts by Hakka! This was my favorite vendor. She had a really cool t shirt with a wraparound line drawing of China Town. Check out the website
This picture is from the website of Blue Platypus. I didn't get photos. What they had were tons and tons of super cute tees! They are worth looking at!

The Tyler Bender Book Company was also there. This is a picture of a custom book binding order. They are a fellow Etsian. They had the cutest stuff ever. They had wallets and little journals made from recycled papers. My favorite was the journal with Duran Duran on it! No pictures though...I think the sun fried my brain!However be sure to visit their etsy shop!

Anyway...there were too many vendors to list so I gave you my absolute favorites! If you have some cool stuff to sell this might be a good venue if its on next year!

Monday, July 13, 2009

My Bathroom

I love this I wish it were mine. I saw it on Breathtaking Bathrooms on HGTV. It was designed by Vicente Wolf. Here is his blog if you are so inclined! My bathroom would scare is currently with drywall only!

Friday, July 10, 2009

White Pagoda

Yesterday I was asked if someone could feature one of my cards on their blog. How cool is that? Well I wanted to thank interior designer Wanda Horton. It is an article about shades of purple. You should check it out. Click here for her firms website as well. By the way Wanda, you have some cute dogs!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New Linoleum Block

This block was a pain in my you know what. I had to re carve it...then I tried using fabric ink with luck there! So Here is my latest printing job with it...I think it turned out super pretty! I was inspired by some floral arrangements I made in June... So today Ive been busy printing and filling orders and taking photos...So Ill share some pictures with you now...Click here to see more photos from my shop of the Turquoise Poppy Pods...Enjoy!

Flowerwild and Their Amazing Flowers

These are my favorite kinds of flowers...big blooms...beautiful greens....all in simple container...
This dahlia is Awesome...i really do feel that is an appropriate adjective to describe it!...if you haven't been to visit FlowerWild and you love are really missing out...They have a website and blog...Go there and enjoy the flower lusciousness of it all!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Paper Goods

Here is some shameless self promotion of what I have been working on. I'm also shamelessly promoting others as well. ENJOY! Here are some Dahlia Moleskine Cahiers from my shop Soulflower. They are rough block prints outlined in India ink. I love how the ink did what it wanted. Sometimes I get wrapped up in trying to get everything just so and forget that a block print is different and sometimes wildly different each time. I also love outlining things. I once had the pleasure of taking a watercolor class on the sly with artist Verna Wells. She told me the outlining gave things a cartoonish look. I totally agree and love it!
Who doesn't love salt and pepper? Who doesn't love these cards? This shop has lots of tags and labels as well. This is Ennaneve and you should take a look at all of her adorable hand printed stuff!

This is a color scheme after my own heart. This is CuriousGravy. It is a block print card company that started about the same time as my own. The designs are very geometric and precise. I love them. She also has a cool cooking blog!

These are screen printed cards by the Cutiepiecompany. This company has really cute and useful paper products like journals. Check out the buttercups screen printed cards too!

These are super cute cards by JuliePeach. She also has a variety of block and screen printed stuff for you and your home.

I love visting Nydampress. I love love love these block prints. They are incredibly detailed. She sells prints , bookmarks , and cards. You should visit this shop too!

This is LittleJohnPrints. Its a relatively new shop which features block printed cards. I love these pink whales. I have also featured the cloud cards from their shop in a fantasy shopping spree!

Here is a really cool shop called Rifferaff. She used to sell a lot of screen printed wrapping paper but now mostly sells soap which she wraps in her paper designs. She still sells some paper goods like this cool birthday card. She also has a cool blog called MakeIt.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beginning of the Summer Bounty

Well the garden is starting to produce! We are so so so happy! The eggplants and zucchinis are still small , but the tomatoes are ready to go! Yummmmmmy! The best part not paying heirloom tomato prices. I also cut the leek flowers,mint, and orange jubilee for an arrangement. My stylist skills are seriously might be helpful if I had a better camera too. Also there was a little buddy in the flowers. The photos of my little buddy are not so great though! So enjoy!

The Winner is.....

This winner is Mandaleighta! Hurray! She also has a really cool blog called Just the Morning Coffee and a really beautiful shop called LaPortaitiste on Esty. I totally love this picture of
Russian buildings from her shop. Congratulations!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Its Warm Very Warm

The May catalogue from Anthropologie is where I want to be right now. I want to sip my iced tea from these Scoubi chairs and table in this pretty lake while little fish would be swimming around my ankles. I also wouldn't mind swimming around in that cream and purple Floating Lotus dress either ! Those Mercury Scale earrings are also pretty amazing too. Now if I was only as gorgeous as that model life would be set for this very very warm day.