Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I know last weekend was the Renegade Craft Faire in LA . However , I opted to attend the
Funk Rumble in China Town. There weren't tons of vendors but loads of super cool stuff and you couldn't beat the Djs and the music they had. Unfortunately we couldn't stay for the evening part as my daughter was with was too much heat for the little one. We did enjoy drinks( i had a coke ahhh pregnancy will do that to you) at the Grandstar Jazz Club while she got down on the dance floor. There were also delicious tamales...I don't remember the name of the place but it was sure yummy!
My husband and daughter enjoying the shade by the Grandstar before my best friend and I finished shopping.
These are really cute geisha bondage t shirts by Hakka! This was my favorite vendor. She had a really cool t shirt with a wraparound line drawing of China Town. Check out the website
This picture is from the website of Blue Platypus. I didn't get photos. What they had were tons and tons of super cute tees! They are worth looking at!

The Tyler Bender Book Company was also there. This is a picture of a custom book binding order. They are a fellow Etsian. They had the cutest stuff ever. They had wallets and little journals made from recycled papers. My favorite was the journal with Duran Duran on it! No pictures though...I think the sun fried my brain!However be sure to visit their etsy shop!

Anyway...there were too many vendors to list so I gave you my absolute favorites! If you have some cool stuff to sell this might be a good venue if its on next year!

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