Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fiona Apple - Every Single Night

I have been listening to this whole album for months. I adore fiona. This is kinda my theme song.

The Succulent Garden

As much as I love Etsy. I do have some gripes about it especially concerning their plant section. I originally thought it was supposed to be geared toward the small independent business the backyard farmer if you will. This is what we are. Our nursery is run by two people my husband and me. Yes we have a ten day shipping policy but its only us and we have two children as well as my husbands first job as a business analyst. Some people understand this and some dont. The gripe about Etsy is concerning other growers that dont label their shops properly like having multiple shops that dont reference that information. Yes we have complained and there has been no resolution to it. I do not begrudge anyone the potential to earn and make money. We all need it to live. I am against it when they are an ebay superseller and are clearly not a small business. I guess the magic of Etsy has probably been over for a while when it comes to  small handmade businesses. It does still work for some and it is working for us still but I just wanted to put that out there.


I like to start ideas in the middle of painting projects in the middle of actual work. A glutton for punishment? Yes I have been called that before.

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not

You will just have to wait to see it when its finished. Finished now that is the question..... 


If only all our moments could be like this. In all honesty I am a little blogged out and super super super stalled in all creative endeavors. Its been so hot that virtually all creative cooking has come to an almost halt. I hoping now that a little bit of coolness has returned I will feel more invigorated. I make a lot of the same things so I get bored posting them and if I am bored I think YOU will be bored. So there it is......................

Little Jack

The boy is turning three next Saturday. So I made some special invites for his party. Kim yours is in the mail. Time sure flies by.................


Whenever I eat an egg salad sandwich I always think about my time in Oxford England and it makes me a little nostalgic. I was there 21 years ago on a study abroad program. There was a little shop across the street from the examination hall and I would buy the half round breads hollowed out and filled with egg salad and sprouts. Oh to be a young woman again but just for a moment.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Plum Tarts

sliced plums on pate brisee baked with a sprinkling of sugar and then dusted with powdered sugar. where were you? next time bring the champagne,okay.....

Meatball Dinner

It has been so flippin' hot I cannot stand it. I have been dying to cook though and not just put together salads. So I made beef meatballs. I used ground sirloin italian seasoned bread crumbs grated cheese salt pepper and an egg. Sometimes I throw fennel seeds or crushed fennel in to give it a sausage flavor. Anyway I mix everything together in a bowl and then roll them up into balls. I fry them in a big pan with a little olive oil as the beef I use isnt that fatty. Once they are browned all over i throw diced onions and chopped up garlic and then let that cook down a bit. I finally add a big can of crushed tomatoes and basil and a little more salt and pepper with some shakes of dried italian herbs and a hit of red wine. I let that cook on high until it starts to bubble up and then put the lid back on and turn the heat down and cook for as long as I can preferably until the meat becomes soft so at least for 45 minutes. Otherwise the balls can be a little tough. So they are perfect on soft soundough rolls split open with sauce and a salad. I wish I had some now.