Tuesday, June 26, 2012


So i have been making a pesto of sorts. in a blender i  put oil (alot) 2 bunches of fresh basil leave a couple of cloves of garlic salt pepper and about a cup of toasted pistachios and puree. its dairy free and delicious. it would be perfect of over rice noodles as well if you like this sort of thing. it makes a lot and i use it all week long. i put it on salads and sandwiches you may even catch me eating out of the storage container.


some more little watercolors that need to be framed. i have two more to complete. i also started a new linocut but who knows when that will be finished.


Whole wheat bread done three ways. i got the recipe from pinecone camp. you have been there, right? so i have been baking bread a couple times a week with this super simple amazing recipe. the first loaf is just plain. the second one is with jalapenos and cheddar cheese and the last photo is one i baked with dried cherries and almonds. i didnt have apricots and  pistachios. so you know i made do. come over soon and we will break some bread.

my place

messing about with the hipstagram app on my phone. i know i know. im behind the times people.

Us the day of the big day

isnt my dress super fabulous? sorry. im just in love with it. your favorite nerd right here. we went to lunch after the ceremony in the city of orange right by chapman college. we at some fabulous  waffle sandwich cafe called bruxies


Its my bro and his lady gettin' hitched. i brought the the flowers. good times party people. good times.

The Orange County Courthouse

my brother and my new sister in law got married here about two weeks ago. it was a simple yet good time

Never Enough Time or Energy

a linocut project almost out of experimentation phase....almost.

Supermarket Flowers

peonies and carnations. they were heavenly. i used them for something special. i thought these pictures deserved their own post.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Fruit Crumbles

yes i made them again. they were delicious.just sayin'.


magenta bougainvillea
                                            butterfly bush and bougainvillea leaves
                                            a little arrangement from the garden

Bathroom window

i thought it looked pretty in the sunlight....


 sometimes there is so much work to do
its seems i cant do any...you know like some sort of negative feedback...this isnt even the tip of the iceberg of things that need to be separated and repotted not to mention new cuttings to collect and plant. so you wanna come over? i ll cook i promise.


 so i finished my painting finally....
here is a doodle i did on computer paper. you know computer paper is not a good medium for watercolors. i also bought a new car and now i can go take some of my work up to the shop that sells some of my stuff. hooray.


 i recently made cookies
 this time i only made half of the recipe
 they were chocolate cherry and pecan ones. they were delicious. you should have been here!
what have you all been up to?