Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Whole wheat bread done three ways. i got the recipe from pinecone camp. you have been there, right? so i have been baking bread a couple times a week with this super simple amazing recipe. the first loaf is just plain. the second one is with jalapenos and cheddar cheese and the last photo is one i baked with dried cherries and almonds. i didnt have apricots and  pistachios. so you know i made do. come over soon and we will break some bread.


  1. lordy lordy i want some homemade jalapeno cheeseloaf right now. ..with an ice cold beer (:
    or maybe the cherry almond with a cup a joe
    can't decide!!!!

  2. perhaps we should have both?

  3. Replies
    1. someday you and i will teleport and eats lots of wheat together!

  4. omg, i'm such a bread junkie, these breads looks so delicous, i've never seen anything like it! mmmm