Monday, April 16, 2012

little arrangement

saturday morning after my walk i collected some stuff from my yard for a little arrangement. the whole yard smells like spanish lavender and citrus blossoms.

painted doodles

just messing about with ideas
its been very hard for me to get out of my creative funk
very hard
im trying though

Friday, April 13, 2012

more ranunculus

yeah i really could photograph stuff all day long

pyracanthus flowers

i have huge pyracanthus bushes. so they are flowering right now. the little flowers are like little stars. i do wish they were fragrant in a good way though.

Succulent Cuttings

i took a load of cuttings to make some new plants. i then decided to organise them neatly and photograph them. i think they turned out lovely.

Easter Breakfast

warmed garlic naan spread with avocado and fried egg with a side of strawberries. yummmy!
im getting annoyed at my missing photos.

This Week

this week included me drinking left over easter and eating the childrens chocolate. no wonder my stomach had been hurting. also i cant find the easter pictures i uploaded.hmmmmm.

Friday, April 6, 2012


i bought flowers today for sunday. goodness i love ranunculus. i also told daniel i hope i die in the spring because you know thats when the flowers are amazing.


so last night tricia and i went to the slaw dogs and spilt a picnic dog with potato salad pickle bbq sauce and onion rings....damn it was good

also we spilt a kimchi burger with bacon and a fried egg

oh it was so very very very good

there was also Parmesan truffle fries and extra onion rings

why is bad food so good?

last night

the moon at 7pm last night
so dreamy

yup i made brownies again

sometimes you just need chocolate
a lot


i have made a pen pal
basically if you receive anything from me in the mail
it will have doodles

little lines and paintings

i dreamt of late night late lit pools
kissing you under a canopy of stars and bougainvilla

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Luuworld: Pull down your pants...

Luuworld: Pull down your pants...
i think i am in love
i couldnt get this to load to my blogger
go watch this


so i am sorry i disappeared. last week i was really ill. i had fevers and a terrible bout of asthma that turned into bronchitis which required breathing treatments at the doctors and starting corticosteroids to help with the swelling of my lungs and junk. i still have to go back and get a pneumonia shot. oh well. also the week before i got sick i had a bunch of personal drama at home. everything is fine but sometimes you just dont get along with your spouse. that can also put you in a weak spot healthwise too. i am better now. i hope you all are having a great sunny first day of april. i love you all.

two weeks behind

vegetable seeds
finally planted
these last two weeks have been horrible


this morning i made a pan potato cake and fried eggs yum.

i sliced four red potatoes on a mandoline and then layered them in a skillet with olive oil

each layer had salt pepper red chili flakes and just a bit of cheese and freshly chopped garlic

the top layer had another dizzling of olive oil

i was cooking in on medium the whole time and when i finished the last layer i put a lid on and cooked it for about fifteen minutes

it was delicious

magic wands

yesterday the kids collected sticks. so we made magic wands when they came in. we wrapped them in yarn and dipped the ends in glue and glitter. this morning they danced their little butts while shaking their sticks. it was hilarious.