Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Drinking Glass flowers

yeah sometimes they take the places of vases but thats okay right?

i also used a floral frog here.

when you go to the flower market you have to bring some flowers home just for yourself,right?

i bought myself lisanthus pink winterberry and black beauty roses. the basil is from my garden.

Its Okay

its okay that i am not organised. its okay that my desk will always be such that i actually have to work somewhere else. i am an imperfectly perfect mess.

so i am going to stop getting mad at myself for this. i cant take the torture of my inner dialogue. so i put some pretty roses in the midst. i think that makes everything better.


the kiddies and i painted rocks.

sophie asked me what they are for and i told her it was just for fun. she seemed pretty satisfied with my answer and she me told that it was a good time.

today we are going to get more colors so we can paint more rocks. they both had so much fun, me too!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


so sophie begged for a bunch of chrysanthemums when we were at the market. so when we got home i cut the stems and showed her how to swirl the stems in a vase or rather in this small glass. when i finished showing her how she did it all by herself. she did a great job.

then we made a small hand tied bunch. that was a little hard for here so i had to help her out more but it turned out well. it even stood on its own.

here is my latest elle decor i havent had a chance to go through maybe today.

Desert Wedding

arent those glasses huge???? too bad! the bride chose the smaller bubble bowls but they still were pretty.

so shiny and reflective

it was a red and black colored themed wedding. we sprayed the aeoniums black. the bowls were filled with succulent cuttings and a red rose.

here is the sweet heart table arrangement

decorated pillars at the entrance of the dance floor

the wall had these little ledges so we put the extra flowers on them around the candles

this wedding took place at a yacht club in the desert. i thought that was funny. it was like a little oasis except it was flaming ass hot.

the arch

more arch

here is the seating in the sun but everyone got a fan which im sure would come in handy. this place was really pretty and im sure when the sun set it was was even more pretty with all the little twinkle lights and the reception area and bar sat right on a man made lake. can you believe i forgot to take pictures of the bouquets corsages and boutonnieres? i swear if my head wasnt on my head i would definitely leave it somewhere.

California Desert

the long drive home from coachella valley yesterday evening. coachella valley is a little bit past palm springs about a good hour and twenty minute drive from my home. coachella is also home to a music and art festival every april maybe you have heard of it or maybe not. PJ Harvey played this year but its too hot for me to go and be with thousands of sweaty kids. i am too old and cranky now to enjoy that kind of stuff.

the desert is a very hot place to have a wedding in september but thankfully it wasnt the 110 degrees it was originally forecasted

here are the fields of wind turbines when you drive through palm springs
look there are dinosaurs too! i was so happy when we finally arrived home.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Last Night's Dinner

have i told you how much i love to barbecue???? ponzu marinated skinless boneless chicken thighs.


green bell peppers and onions all served up with some teriyaki rice. i wish it was last night because im hungry.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finished But Not Set Up

you may remember my little drawing from earlier this summer. this one here is printed on photographic glossy paper.

this here is the original watercolor.

here are all three. i think my favorite is the one printed on kraft paper in your lower left hand. did i mention my friend anna is writing a series of semi erotic one shots for each illustration too? we have two done because i work at the pace of extra friggin slow. if you click annaromer you will see the story however i warn you if you go further and happen to find my tumblr there will be things of an adult nature...ahem.... some material some may consider pornographic as well as other things so if that kind of thing offends dont go dont look up my tumblr. i just thought i would warn you okay???

here are the colored linocut and watercolor prints still not in my shop. surprise surprise.

oh i have had these hanging around for a few months now. i finally relisted them.


i dont know if you remember but i started this either in december or january

well i finally finished

really its a miracle


hopefully it will be completed soon hopefully.....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am doing a wedding the weekend of the 24th in coachella

So I went downtown to order my flowers at mayesh from my favorite flower guy abel

I also picked up some flowers for me. These beautiful dahlias ate it in one day. I hate when that happens.

Prince - Kiss - Fair Use

this is the only video i could find with this song. hmmmm well just so you know i love prince's music so i thought i would share a lazy post with you all today.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beach Cottage

the view from the house. the beach was a hop skip and a jump away. it was nice to watch wave and surfers in the morning with my coffee.

it had a nice lawn for the kids to run around and act like fools.

the best part was the private outdoor shower in the back. i used that many times.

Sea and Sand

a really cool plant i grabbed that was sticking out of the shore

jack with a wad of seaweed

my stepdad the kids and my mom

hello toes

hello from me. my four days were lovely in carlsbad. we went to the beach everyday which was really nice. the surf was intense although i didnt capture it that way.the was a storm in new zealand which created huge waves which meant lots of surfers.when i was young i would not hesitate to put my fins on and grab my body board. my mom kept telling me you better not go out there its dangerous. its a good thing she never saw some of the surf i rode. i may have said this before but i actually have had a concussion from body boarding. oh but that was a long time ago in my mid twenties when there was nothing to lose. there was also a great white shark sighting and two nearby beaches were closed down too. how exciting? there was also a trip to seaworld where at some points i wanted to sell my children. anyway it was nice to get away.