Saturday, September 10, 2011

Beach Cottage

the view from the house. the beach was a hop skip and a jump away. it was nice to watch wave and surfers in the morning with my coffee.

it had a nice lawn for the kids to run around and act like fools.

the best part was the private outdoor shower in the back. i used that many times.


  1. cute place! i love carlsbad. my best friend from highschool got married there by the beach.
    gorgeous sunsets

  2. So envious am I. A vacation by the beach with an outdoor shower would be so grand. It must have been a spectacular time!

  3. everything sounds so summery!~
    Outdoor shower! how great is that!
    hope you have a great time! I bet you did :D

  4. gorgeous sunsets indeed!

    thanks sharon i had a great time i just wish it wasnt so short.

    it was pascale and i definitely needed it.

  5. beaches are a bit out of the question this year in japan, don't wanna get out glowing green.
    your cottage when where I come from we call a bach sounds divine. and yay for a lawn. I'm having lawn withdrawal symptoms these days. summer and lawn go hand in hand and it's summer here and I aint got no lawn!

    love outdoor showers too especially in tropical Asian countries. always feel I'm being spied on though...

  6. mr sekimachihato i suppose that would be so about the beaches. lawns are nice but im actually allergic to grass go figure? hahahaa i figure if someone is gonna be pervy enough to have a look well than go for it but if i punch you in the face well you had it coming right? some day i want to travel to a tropical asian country. man i need a real vacation one where the grandparents baby sit the children for three weeks.

  7. nice! i like lawns too. walking barefoot on grass is nice! although i'm not too crazy about mowing the lawn!

  8. hahaha mowing and raking are the least fun but somehow the most rewarding when you can look back at your handy work.