Thursday, September 15, 2011

Finished But Not Set Up

you may remember my little drawing from earlier this summer. this one here is printed on photographic glossy paper.

this here is the original watercolor.

here are all three. i think my favorite is the one printed on kraft paper in your lower left hand. did i mention my friend anna is writing a series of semi erotic one shots for each illustration too? we have two done because i work at the pace of extra friggin slow. if you click annaromer you will see the story however i warn you if you go further and happen to find my tumblr there will be things of an adult nature...ahem.... some material some may consider pornographic as well as other things so if that kind of thing offends dont go dont look up my tumblr. i just thought i would warn you okay???

here are the colored linocut and watercolor prints still not in my shop. surprise surprise.

oh i have had these hanging around for a few months now. i finally relisted them.


  1. they are beautiful!!! you are such an artist! I love the colors you used :D

  2. love the colors you've used. nice!

  3. thanks rita!!
    thanks pascale im kinda behind with the comments.
    so nice lw