Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sea and Sand

a really cool plant i grabbed that was sticking out of the shore

jack with a wad of seaweed

my stepdad the kids and my mom

hello toes

hello from me. my four days were lovely in carlsbad. we went to the beach everyday which was really nice. the surf was intense although i didnt capture it that way.the was a storm in new zealand which created huge waves which meant lots of surfers.when i was young i would not hesitate to put my fins on and grab my body board. my mom kept telling me you better not go out there its dangerous. its a good thing she never saw some of the surf i rode. i may have said this before but i actually have had a concussion from body boarding. oh but that was a long time ago in my mid twenties when there was nothing to lose. there was also a great white shark sighting and two nearby beaches were closed down too. how exciting? there was also a trip to seaworld where at some points i wanted to sell my children. anyway it was nice to get away.


  1. the last days of summer. no better place to go than the beach with jack the seamonster!

  2. hahha jack was definitely a sea monster!

  3. wow, storms in new zealand affect you way "over there".
    gonna google carlsbad as I have no idea where that is. to me it just sounds like you spelt carlsberg beer wrong.

  4. mr sekimachihato you never fail to put a smile on my face. yes if you google new zealand storm and california a whole bunch of articles come up as well.