Monday, October 19, 2009

Its Baby Madness!

Here is my little Jack. He is 4 weeks tomorrow. Happy anniversary to you. So of course here is a little shopping spree with the small ones in mind!

These adorable little elfin wooden creatures are sold out but are from Urastarhouse

but they have plenty of other cute little toys. Don't you think they look like my baby?

Look at this beautiful Turquoise Branch Quilt by Jewelweeds. This is sure to be a saved treasure for your little ones little one.

How cute is this Baby Blues Patch Hat by Bigalhats? Amazingly my son's head would be too small for this hat. My daughter and husband have large heads.

Really baby feet are super cute and these shoes are equally as cute. They are by LittleHuisMus.

Here is an adorable prop to photograph your little love. I thought about ordering one but then it was too late and I am really lazy lately. This cocoon is from BeachWalkPhoto. Get well BeachWalk!
Here is a sweet little plushie by PilliPilliHandmade. She has all kinds of whimsical items and they are for adults! Yeah!

I love how smooth the toys from littlesaplingtoys look. They make me want to pet them continuously.
The fun thing about being a parent is having the opportunity to dress your kid up in ridiculous outfits and hats. This hat falls in this category. I love this hat so much! I think I would actually squeal if I put it on either one of my children. Its by Dalinda.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Here is a picture of my daughter about 5 days after she was born. Aren't little babies the funniest looking things ever...definitely a face a mother a could only ooh and awww about.
That being said...I wont be here for a little bit because I'm going in this morning for my C- Section. It is my little boy's official birthday out of the womb! I hope everyone has a wonderful week.
And yes please do lots of blogging so Ill have plenty to read when I get back!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

House of Turquoise

Last week I found the most amazing blog called House of Turquoise. Now if you visit here you you know I love this color. I have been perusing this site for a week now. I go everyday...what can I say I'm a freak.

How amazing is this kitchen? The floor and island are just beautiful. The image is from Diamond Barratta.
This is a stairwell designed by Muriel Brandolini. LOOK at those super cool lanterns! Both of these pictures have yellow in the mix. I love yellow and turquoise together! Anyway, thank you Erin for taking the time to research all these amazing photos! Your Blog is delicious!