Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Here is a picture of my daughter about 5 days after she was born. Aren't little babies the funniest looking things ever...definitely a face a mother a could only ooh and awww about.
That being said...I wont be here for a little bit because I'm going in this morning for my C- Section. It is my little boy's official birthday out of the womb! I hope everyone has a wonderful week.
And yes please do lots of blogging so Ill have plenty to read when I get back!


  1. how exciting!!! Good luck. I can't wait to see pictures of your new little one. I love babies and pictures...

  2. Soooo sweet! Hope all went well with the C-Section, that you & baby boy are home now and doing well... CONGRATS!! :o) ((HUGS))

  3. I hope everything went OK and you and the baby are recovering. I can't wait to see photos of the new baby boy!

  4. Thanks so much for the sweet comments! Ill be back soon to post pictures and some baby stuff!

  5. Hope you are doing well and enjoying baby! :)

    Regards, T.