Thursday, December 27, 2012

Chinoserie Tea Towels

Here is a new tea towel in my shop. I love pretty kitchen towels. They are hand printed with a baren from three of my blocks in some of my favorite colors. I printed another of flowers and birds but I didnt like the placement. So I need to give that another whirl. See I have been working on some stuff.

Family Photos

Every Christmas morning we take a photo. This years was particularly hilarious. I end up taking at least 20 with only one maybe two that are usable. The rest are blackmail photos for when they are older. Crying during the photo is usually a given. This year it was notably absent. WHEW! Thank you for all your holiday wishes by the way. I hope I have a better blogging year in 2013. I wish you all out there a great and happy new year!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

i didnt disappear

i have been busy and blogged out. hopefully i will be inspired to do more in the new year. i have been working on projects though. supermom i am not....