Monday, June 29, 2009

I Love This Color

I snagged this image of some photos from The Style Files. Its a great blog if you are into design. The photos are from photographer Johnny Miller. Seriously these photos and colors are so beautiful I could eat them! And how about the super groovy glass lamp? Yum!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Where in the World is Rebecca Thuss?

Tonight I'm bored...I could be working...but its far too hot...I'm far too hot...that comes with being six months pregnant though. So what to do...I have like 80 billion websites and blogs saved in my that's what Ive done. I came across Rebecca Thuss. I love her stylings but alas nothing new there in the recent section...Rebecca I'm sad show me something...I feel starved...I miss your talents...I wish my stylings were as fabulous as yours...I even looked you up on the Internet...nothing new unless somehow I missed it. So here is some of her lovely stylings I love love love love them...I guess I'm greedy and just want more!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Birthday Shopping

Well My birthday is way off but a girl can fantasize,cant she? However, my unbirthday is coming up in August. So, lets do some some shopping.

These are called Darlene Note cards by ZoeyMac perfect for sending thank yous to all my girly guests who came to the party. This slip dress is already sold but hey its my fantasy. Its from VintageOpulence.Every girl needs a new frock for her birthday,right?

This ring is called Point of View by Artisanimpact. Its my perfect gift to myself! Here is a lovely moleskine cahier called Botanique Rose by MulberryMuse. This would be a very nice gift to give my lady friends!

These dahlias would be the perfect flowers for the perfect vases! Try your local farmers market!

The Geraldine Gonzales Chinese cutout votives would be perfect to light my birthday tables! They are available from John Derian.

Whoohoo! Here they are! The perfect vases for the perfect dahlias ! They are
vintage aqua ball jars from Midwestfinds.

These tablecloths are so beautiful and a lovely addition to the tables! They are called
Pink Love Poppy from Plumprettysugar.

And yes of course, there must be Multi Rainbow Paper Fringe to adorn the ceilings,chairs,food and drink tables. You can get them at Leesiebella

So sad... such a small picture, but so pretty to have Sorbet Tissue Poms to hang from the ceiling from PomLove.

And finally, how fun to receive these block printed Squirrel Birthday Card invitations in the mail! You can order them from MelissaSkate.

So will you come? I thought so!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Its Friday

Well Ive been super busy experimenting with a tile I carved and ink as I previously mentioned. It has been quite frustrating. Ive hated everything I have printed thus far! One more experiment and if it doesn't work out its a new design for me to readjust. I also posted some pretty leaf cards to my etsy shop...yeah! Also, I do have some photos to share. My Mr. Stripeys are looking so pretty I cant wait to eat them up and we have some pretty leek flowers in the vegetable garden. My herb garden is finally taking off 3 basil plants later. Last Sunday on Fathers Day we all hit the farmers market in Claremont. We brought home beautiful dahlias and magic lantern cherries...yum!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Today was spent printing cards,experimenting with ink and new blocks, and drawing,blah blah,blah! I did have time to stop by my fellow etsian 's blog KatinkaPinka . It was very funny. David Sedaris a very funny writer illustrated her book at a book signing. It gave me a laugh I really needed! Maybe you need a laugh too!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Beautiful Room

This room is so pretty. I saw it on DesignSponge. The room is from Caroline Lubbers home. Caroline Lubbers your room rocks calmly! There are more pictures if you click here!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hurray! Give Away!

So here they are! A new set of prints from my own original drawings tweaked by photo shop! All you have to do is leave a comment. The give away runs until July 1ST and on the 2ND I will announce the winner. I thought I would give my drawings a try on what do you think?

Also check out my etsy shop if you want to see more individual photos of each card. The winner will receive one card of each! I also included a picture of some really pretty succulent flowers. They are like little orange bells!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Left Overs

Here are some pictures of little arrangements I made with left over flowers from last week. Also here is my fabulous yummy salad with herbs from the garden. Check me out tomorrow I'm gonna do another giveaway! Also I will be launching two new designs from my original drawings in different colors . See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We Are Going Shopping Again!

Yes its another addition of fantasy shopping. I'm hoping someday soon Ill have loads of cash to drop at a moments notice when I find these lovely little items. The first is the fiona bird necklace. It is from Tamar or Nest? the cutest shop ever! The next item for purchase is a set of grey block printed cards by Littlejohnprints. I know I sell block printed cards too but this shop has some really great designs! The following delight is the pesky squirrel dish towl by Dottieangel. I just love these! I have a weakness for dish towels. I wish I could buy every adorable one I see. I have actually trained my daughter not to pull my fancy ones off of the cabinet doors! Then there are the violet baking cups by Bakeitpretty. I think I may have mentioned my other weakness cupcakes. This shop has the best stuff for your special bakery treats.I'm trying to go through all of my baking papers before I really indulge at this shop. After that,there is the icee blue side table at chromalab. I love that color! I want my husband to build me little shelves to fit on top of tables like that to display my cards when I finally get it together to start doing craft shows. And finally there are the hyacinth sea mist bowls by Dorothydomingo. Those colors make my heart sing and my fingers itch to put some gorgeous blooms afloat in those little treasures!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Flowers and Caffe Opera

Here are some pictures of a double bridal shower I did last week at Caffe Opera in Old Town Monrovia. Unfortunately they were not done setting the tables when I was photographing.Oh well. The staff was really friendly and helpful though. It was alot of fun but tiring. I work out of my home with my darling little daughter constantly at my heels. I'm trying to teach her all the names of flowers and foliage. She loves the flower market too! If only she could process flowers with me but somehow I don't think her 2 year old self could handle it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Project Wedding

I was just at Snippet and Ink. They had a link to project wedding and the most amazing retro soda bar! My husband and I are having a 10 year wedding anniversary next year. I think I may set up one of these. Really it is super cool!