Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We Are Going Shopping Again!

Yes its another addition of fantasy shopping. I'm hoping someday soon Ill have loads of cash to drop at a moments notice when I find these lovely little items. The first is the fiona bird necklace. It is from Tamar or Nest? the cutest shop ever! The next item for purchase is a set of grey block printed cards by Littlejohnprints. I know I sell block printed cards too but this shop has some really great designs! The following delight is the pesky squirrel dish towl by Dottieangel. I just love these! I have a weakness for dish towels. I wish I could buy every adorable one I see. I have actually trained my daughter not to pull my fancy ones off of the cabinet doors! Then there are the violet baking cups by Bakeitpretty. I think I may have mentioned my other weakness cupcakes. This shop has the best stuff for your special bakery treats.I'm trying to go through all of my baking papers before I really indulge at this shop. After that,there is the icee blue side table at chromalab. I love that color! I want my husband to build me little shelves to fit on top of tables like that to display my cards when I finally get it together to start doing craft shows. And finally there are the hyacinth sea mist bowls by Dorothydomingo. Those colors make my heart sing and my fingers itch to put some gorgeous blooms afloat in those little treasures!


  1. I LOVE the side table! Lovely finds you have :)

  2. I'm with you, I looooove the dishtowels. How adorable are they?