Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Les Violettes

Lately I have really been into purples. I think its because the last floral event I did was based on that color palette. So now that my real birthday is even closer and I wont be pregnant I keep thinking about my big four oooh! in February. So how fabulous would that bustier in purples from VintageOpulence be? I could do my hair all curly and crazy with these purple ribbons from JamnGlass.

These cards look fabulous!I have never tried quilling. It looks hard to do. They would make great invitations! They are from Dizzeelizzee.

Some purple floral inspirations from Bornay. Oh Bornay I never tire of your floral glories!

Now here are some new mixed purple colored poms from pomlove. I love your shop...I love your blog. These would be great hanging in my living room...heck they'd be great hanging in your living room.

Last is a gorgeous raspberry garnet ring. What a beautiful gift to me! Its from SingleBbeautiful.
So how fun would all of that be?

Now for the menu planning...but that is an entirely different post.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Baby Shower

Here are the remnants of my baby shower 2 weeks ago.
I'm terrible about getting things photographed especially if its a party at my house. I didn't have to cook. I only had to put the decorations together. This is why sometimes...most of the time new things in my shop take a while to materialize.

I made garlands with one of my block print parasols and left over papers. My husband printed its a boy on the back of the parasols in matching ink color.

I also made succulent arrangements to give away in saved glass bottles. These arrangements are 2 weeks old. I had 4 left over from 12.

I think they looked pretty good and still do. The succulents are starting to root. They are just hanging out in air. I didn't put them in any water. I thought the colors and arrangements were perfect for a boy. I'm thinking I should make a party pack for baby showers...you know invites,little tags, and garlands. What do you think? By the way thanks to all that came! This week I have to finish Thank Yous.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Even Children Need Fabulous Chairs

I was on the blog ThatsHappy by Lisa Rupp which by the way I love, and snagged this photo. She had some photos from the most adorable store MollyMeg. Its a design store for children. They obviously have the cutest mod and vintage styled chairs. I so need to invest in a stylish chair for my daughter and future son. I just love this photo! Be sure to check out Lisa's blog too. She has some really cool designs but then I'm a sucker for florals...but I'm sure you know that already.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

One Cool French Dude

I snagged this photo over at the AvecEric blog. Last week he was on Martha's show. I was able to watch an episode of his new show on the blog as well. I'm not a seafood eater but he made me want to eat it. Anyway I totally dig him and he is on Top Chef a lot. He seems like a really cool french dude. He also has a section called GetToasted with recipes for a toaster oven. The One I adored the most was figs and bacon! Go check it out for some culinary inspiration.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dinner Plate Dahlias

Here are some photos of an event I did in Monrovia at the Caffe Opera.
There were 12 arrangements. There were dinner plate dahlias, sweet peas, stock, scabiosa,and seeded eucalyptus for the banquet tables. This arrangement above was for the gift table. It had a pretty purple garland but the photos didn't turn out so well.

I think the arrangements turned out well. These were the companion pieces of seeded eucalyptus and sweet peas.

I cant wait until I have my anniversary party next year! I cant wait to make arrangements for myself. It will be hard to hold back but you know one must keep ones budget in mind. Oh the stupid budget!

Here is the table with the candles lit up...so pretty. I have lots more pictures.Ill have to put them on my Flickr account and add a link later.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Super Fantastic Planter

As many of you know my husband grows and sells succulents through his Etsy shop
thesucculentgarden. So when I saw this great diy planter on Apartment Therapy LA I started bugging him to build one for our back porch.

I also convinced him( although it wasn't hard because he really likes this shop a whole bunch) to buy some colored sempervivums from Horticopia on Etsy. They are so fabulous! She has some really beautiful plants. So I'm hoping Ill have one of these babies filled with these beautiful babies for Christmas.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jonathan Adler and ElleDecor

I saw this fabulous room the other day on a blog somewhere. I don't know what elledecor it was from but I hope my little girl grows up to love this kind of design. I guess Jonathan Adler designed it. I love love love these colors. The wall is actually the color of my living room. My baby doesn't have her own room right now...but someday soon I hope!

We have been busy redoing the front porch and our small back patio. Ill have to show some photos. I know I promised photos of my current silk screening projects...but so much to do and so little time to do it in. The new baby is almost here too! The C-section should be around the 3rd of October. So hopefully I continue to have some more posts for this month. If I was super fantastic I would prepost and roll them out but I'm only a little fantastic.