Saturday, September 26, 2009

Baby Shower

Here are the remnants of my baby shower 2 weeks ago.
I'm terrible about getting things photographed especially if its a party at my house. I didn't have to cook. I only had to put the decorations together. This is why sometimes...most of the time new things in my shop take a while to materialize.

I made garlands with one of my block print parasols and left over papers. My husband printed its a boy on the back of the parasols in matching ink color.

I also made succulent arrangements to give away in saved glass bottles. These arrangements are 2 weeks old. I had 4 left over from 12.

I think they looked pretty good and still do. The succulents are starting to root. They are just hanging out in air. I didn't put them in any water. I thought the colors and arrangements were perfect for a boy. I'm thinking I should make a party pack for baby know invites,little tags, and garlands. What do you think? By the way thanks to all that came! This week I have to finish Thank Yous.


  1. These are lovely! Congrats on the blessing that is about to come to your life & have a safe delivery =)

  2. Thanks Claire! He is coming next tuesday. By the way I love your blog!