Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Les Violettes

Lately I have really been into purples. I think its because the last floral event I did was based on that color palette. So now that my real birthday is even closer and I wont be pregnant I keep thinking about my big four oooh! in February. So how fabulous would that bustier in purples from VintageOpulence be? I could do my hair all curly and crazy with these purple ribbons from JamnGlass.

These cards look fabulous!I have never tried quilling. It looks hard to do. They would make great invitations! They are from Dizzeelizzee.

Some purple floral inspirations from Bornay. Oh Bornay I never tire of your floral glories!

Now here are some new mixed purple colored poms from pomlove. I love your shop...I love your blog. These would be great hanging in my living room...heck they'd be great hanging in your living room.

Last is a gorgeous raspberry garnet ring. What a beautiful gift to me! Its from SingleBbeautiful.
So how fun would all of that be?

Now for the menu planning...but that is an entirely different post.


  1. Faboush! wow, that bustier is amazing! sexy but also elegant and fun! i just love purple:) thanks for including my poms with all of these pretties!:)

  2. That bustier is sentational!! What a beautiful post... I just love the color purple! :o)

  3. I wish I had a reason to wear such an elegant and sexy bustier. :P

  4. Ooh those pom poms are gorgeous! Love all your purple picks!

  5. That ring is gorgeous. I've never been a big purple fan, but I think I could handle that one. Great bustier too.

  6. i love purple so much! those cards are great, i love the textures!

    Happy weekend*