Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mango Massacre

this is all i can bare to do for food when the weather is horrible.it wasnt quite so bad today but its been over 100 degrees and humid. i took a risk on sunday and ate out. i had a spicy tuna roll at local sushi place. i wish i had some now. also i think this juicy deliciousness would be called food porn,right? im heading to carlsbad tonight. its a beach town in san deigo. cant wait to dip the toes in the pacific. hope all is well everyone.


  1. Ooh~ mangoes! one of my favorites!!
    Aren't mangoes sexy! (or am I pushing it?!)

    Have fun dipping your toes, while you at it dip your whole self and enjoy! :D Sounds like a fun summer thing to do :D

  2. unfortunately I'm not a big mango fan (I'm sure I'm missing out) but you did manage to take a pretty dam good food porn photo. maybe it was the model you used or was it the lighting? anyway, it got my mind racing!

  3. haha, love the title of this post! and the picture....sticky and dirty. just as i like it! mmm. love mangoes. i agree with pascale. they are very sexy. too bad for mr wos. he's missing out!

    have a nice swim! :)

  4. no pascale you are not pushing it mangoes are super sexy. thanks i did dip more than my toes but the surf was super strong with 8- 10ft waves and rip currents there was a storm from new zealand that was making large waves. there were also great white shark sighting at two beaches a little south of ours like 3 cities away so that made me a little nervous.

    that is too bad mr sekimachihato but what can one do? thats kind of like my fish fascination. its sooo pretty i want to eat it but most of the time when it touches my lips im like nooo cant do it. i am glad you could appreciate the porn though. good porn is good porn.i think its official we are all a bunch of perverts here.hahahaha!

    lw sticky and dirty? me too:) i think we will leave it at that!

  5. Mango massacres are the best! I especially love sucking the last juicy morsels of mango-ness from the seed. Not a pleasant sight but sure is sexy (to my tastebuds, that is)!


  6. thanks rita i really think the juicy look of the photo contributes to its porn nature.

    hahaha kenny! i beg to differ i think it would be a pleasant sight.

  7. That mango looks unbelievably delicious. Hope you enjoyed your jaunt to Carlsbad! Cooled down yet? Even Vancouver has been on the warm side...for Vancouver ;)

  8. hey janis! carlsbad was wonderful but the heat coming inland is still horrible. its supposed to be over 100 again today which is 40 c yuck.