Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Garden Pictures....

look i painted some old chairs that were here when we moved in 8 years ago turquoise finally....

The last of the naked ladies....

Lovely lantana with a little orange moth....

Look its orange jubilee and its so jubilant....

Its me...HELLO.... from the other day after a horrible bout of food poisoning from a restaurant


  1. agree with thwany. the color of the chair is super nice! and not to mention miss FOXY windswept hair and bright red lips! lookin' good! the camera loves u!! :)

  2. lovely color on the chair indeed!
    Love your pic and all the flowers too :D
    I wish I had a garden too~!

  3. love the red lippy! and how you speak of your flowers as if they were your lady friends.

    man, I so want a garden...

  4. LOVE the chair...and I second world of sekimachihato...I want a garden, pleaseeee...

  5. OOh, food poisoning is not good. Hope you're all better now. Those chairs must make you feel better ;) They look fantastic.

  6. thanks thwany the color is even more vibrant in person

    wow lw i think i am blushing. youare so sweet thats why i love you you know?

    mr sekimachihato yes i am a red lipstick kind of lady and ilove to talk to the plants you know its good for them. i am sure will have a garden someday. you need to give us an update on your green wall.

    thanks rita. i want you to have a garden too imagine the the culinary delights you could whip up.if you get one i am so on the next flight to hong kong.

    thanks janice. it sucked super hard i am really just now starting to feel 100%