Saturday, August 20, 2011

lemon trees

under lemon trees

your sweet soft lips touch mine there

making my heart bleed


  1. beautiful! :D you are so lucky to have such a garden!

  2. How beautiful the pictures......and how romantically poetic the words!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. ....or was that, "poetically romantic"? In either case the posting was really neat!! :)

  4. ooh, is this a recient love story or are we going back in history a bit?
    either way, with all that love I bet it won't take long before those lemons start turning yellow!

  5. thanks pascale. i do love my garden.

    thanks pag im not sure which either way it was kind of angsty.

    hahaha mr.sekimachihato i suppose it will be turning those lemons yellow soon. its more of a fantasy about a crush.

  6. Nice! I would love to have these trees! Do u use lemmons in your cooking? They would so go in my drinks! And i make a mean lemmon pie!!

  7. this post makes me wanna sing the "lemon tree" song :D

  8. of course i use those lemons...i make lemon chicken lemonade lemon curd lemon cookies and frosting lemon whatever.Someday if you ever come to california come during lemon season there are two so you can bake me your lemon pie!

    you sing it rita!!!

    have i told you all how much i love you!!!!