Monday, August 8, 2011


wearing the hottest look of the season. sophies hat and nutella.


  1. Oh the mischief that little Jack gets up to! He's worse than me! Haha. Love the shot. Good thing u captured the moment :)

  2. priceless!
    I used to constantly wipe up each mess as it happened with kou-chan until I realized that it was just becoming more work for me.
    we haven't got into nutella yet but boy who knew that peaches could cause such a mess. learnt the hard way that peaches will stain your clothes too...

  3. hahhaha he sure is lw. its starting to drive me crazy. today when i was at the doctor my friend who was babysitting(she brought her two daughters) noticed jack wasnt around only to find him in the bathroom in the toilet. awesome.

    yes mr sekimachihato it was a priceless moment too bad i wasnt around with my camera for the toilet incident. sometimes i just take his shirt off if we are at home because the messes are just too magnificent. the cleaning is tiresome indeed. he has stained several pairs of my husband slacks. peach mess sounds like a lot of sticky fun!

  4. I am such a no-fun-mom.
    I constantly go to wipe and sweep... and try my best to forsee and don't get my child all messy.
    I see Jack and now I know I was wrong.
    Look at his happy face!! Kids NEED this :D

    Love your photo! I want to go and hug and kiss him and I will be somewhat like him too! haha

  5. im sure you are just fine pascale. if i had the time to constantly do that i probably would but somethings gotta give somewhere.also it was my husband who was in charge when that happened too!

  6. hehehehe yessss! nutella is indeed the hot look of the moment :D

  7. yes it is....cant wait to see marcus sporting the look as well.