Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Monsoon Sunday

So there was lightning thunder and lots and lots of rain. Monsoonal weather is kind of sexy at least I think so. So what to do? Not what you are thinking you naughty little kittens. I made strawberry nectarine crumble with clove and cinnamon.

There was also almond clove whipped cream....can you say yum?

one pint of whipping cream

one tablespoon of powdered sugar

a dash of almond extract

a dash of powdered clove

whip it up in your blender until it well looks like whipping cream.

I just kind of made up the recipe.

As you can tell it was a hit.

The crumble was made with

one stick of cubed butter

one cup rice flour

one teaspoon salt

one half teaspoon of cinnamon and clove

half a cup of oats

half a cup of slice almonds

one third cup brown sugar

i mixed it with my fingers until it was clumpy. spread on your filling before putting into oven.

The filling was easy

one pound hulled strawberries

two pound sliced nectarines

quarter cup of cornstarch

one teaspoon sugar

half teaspoon of cinnamon and clove

one teaspoon of almond extract.

mix it together and fill your over proof dish or dishes. I also preheated my oven to 350 f and cooked them for about 40 minutes until they were bubbly. I got my small ceramic tart pans from ikea.I didnt add a lot of sugar because i hate really sweet fruit filling. I thought the crumble topping and whipping cream made up for that.you could also use more or less of the spice but since my chlidren havent really experienced clove i didnt want to overwhelm there palate so they hate clove later.

What to do with the pits and skins???? Throw them in a pan with a half a cup of brown sugar a few strawberries and some powdered clove. Fill pan with water until everything is just covered. Boil away stirring so it doesnt stick to bottom of pan. you may have to lower the heat to medium. When its thick and syrupy it should be done. Be sure to chop up the skins as well. The skins should start to break down and the meat of the fruit should start to come off of the pits you can help out with a wooden spoon by scraping them. It makes about a half of cup of pure deliciousnessEnjoy!


  1. hey sf, you are pure genius! it's so easy/natural for you to come up with amazing recipes.
    bummer we didn't get the lovely monsoon over here... it's been hot and dry

  2. i want to lick off all of that almond clove cream!

  3. oh my gosh, you are torturing me!! because I would really love to try and I can't :p

  4. Awesome and worth trying! I am a sucker for anything with clove in it! I might just make the whipped topping and put it in my coffee!

  5. mmm, I think monsoon weather is kinda sexy when you suddenly get a down pour and your at home lounging around.
    when it pours on you going home from a long day at the office it is far from sexy.

    you know what else is sexy? your food!
    total yum!!

  6. wow, the pics are gorgeous. especially the two first ones. you really captured the deliciousness of the fruit and cream. mmmm!

    i think rain is sexy. i wanna make out in the rain one day. very hot. and yeah i agree with world of sekimachihato. food is sexy too! :)

  7. thanks kim i will have to make some for us.maybe i will make them next weekend. you guys got passed up with the rain. that is sad it was so lovely.

    yes rita clove cream i hope you made some too!

    you better make some too thawny.

    someday pascale and when you get home you better get a baking!!

    thanks sharon. me too i love clove ALOT!

    Hmmm mr.sekimachihato i think that depends on your outlook but then i have a very dirty mind so there you go! my food would have said thank you too had it known you thought it was so sexy!!! thanks!

    Oh luu rain is very sexy and you live in the perfect place for making out in the rain! I danced in the rain with a boy i liked way back on 1985. i hold that memory very dear to my heart.thanks for the food compliments!

  8. wow! i want to be you in the kitchen!

  9. thanks julie and you can we should get together sometime!!