Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Night of the Full Moon

last night was our second annual summer potluck and pie contest.

it was a full moon in aquarius which is perfect because thats what i am.

candle lit cocktail table under the locust tree

in the dark

in the light

my 83 year old grandma getting down with some food and wine

my friend valerie i just love her hair. i want cool hair. she is also my partner in linocutting

blurry night time photo of steve the griller of eggplants. thanks steve you rule! he is belongs to my friend kim of jikits. she is the fantastic maker of mobiles and origami and such!

donovan and sophie playing with bionicles

pies pies and more pies....this first one was a banana cream pie with coconut.

here is my moms apple pie. it actually won this year.

here is the pie kim brought. it was a lime pie and it was friggin delicious. it came in second. i ate that and my moms. i wasnt a judge i was the organiser of the tastings for the judges.

it was a great night but my feet hurt now!


  1. thanks for the beautiful pics, link and great time! hey, where is that ginormous 1st place ribbon you made?

  2. OMG, what a wonderful evening! Love lanterns and candles in the summer night. Mmmm and those cakes! Not to mention your glamorous granny, so sweet. And that cool red hair of your friend..I wonder if i could Get away with that :)

  3. i dont know about red for your hair maybe blue black. you would look so stylish!!

    i didnt take a picture of the ribbon that night.boohoo

  4. summer parties are so great and those pies! who can say no to them? not me!! Your grandma is so awesome too!

  5. thanks pascale i love summer parties they are the best i just wish all of my blogger friends could come. i am not a pie eater which i am grateful for because that would be a difficult temptation!