Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rose Mountain

i thought about how you are doing this morning. you see i started to run...well jog again. they repaved my street so its as smooth as a babies bottom and i think my ankle will be okay. so looking out at the vast fields and mountain still misty in the early haze you popped in my mind and how i miss your insightful posts and your posts about running because im pretty sure you run not jog. so i kid you not it was like a psychedelic dream the road literally stretched out before my eyes as i was thinking about all of the things and whats going right and wrong in my life. it seemed so long and the sun made it almost gleam silver and then i started to weep and a weep that would of surely turned heads if people had been out and thats when i thought of you. i hope all is well if you are still reading this.


  1. you obviously were not thinking about me as I neither jog nor run, unless I'm running late for the last happy hour drinks.
    hang in there, we all have days were we are a bit emotional.

  2. thanks thwany!!! made me giggle. thanks i needed that.