Monday, August 29, 2011

【公式】 Rigaos リガオス - 消臭効果編(未放送Ver) - 1min

WTF? i have no idea what they are saying but i think i just went to heaven and died.


  1. wow. who knew knitting could be so sexy?! love the scene where his hair is wet and he's slicking it back. mmm.

  2. yes lw who knew and the guy knitting where can i get some of that???? he is soooo pretty but so is the tadanobu.

    isnt it hilarious kim????

  3. The guy knitting is the son of Matsuda Yusaku, the legendary Japanese actor who did movies like Black Rain and who died young.

    Also I recently saw a documentary program on Tadanobu's grandfather who was American he had never met. Tadanobu grew up thinking he had Native American blood in him. Turns out his grandpa was from Minnesota with Holland or somewhere Scandinavia background. It was pretty interesting and emotional.

  4. thanks ai for the info.the documentary sounds pretty interesting. yeah alot of scandinavians settled in minnesota. mine scandinavian people went to washington state. i love how they left cold dark wet places to live in a new cold dark wet place.