Sunday, September 25, 2011

Desert Wedding

arent those glasses huge???? too bad! the bride chose the smaller bubble bowls but they still were pretty.

so shiny and reflective

it was a red and black colored themed wedding. we sprayed the aeoniums black. the bowls were filled with succulent cuttings and a red rose.

here is the sweet heart table arrangement

decorated pillars at the entrance of the dance floor

the wall had these little ledges so we put the extra flowers on them around the candles

this wedding took place at a yacht club in the desert. i thought that was funny. it was like a little oasis except it was flaming ass hot.

the arch

more arch

here is the seating in the sun but everyone got a fan which im sure would come in handy. this place was really pretty and im sure when the sun set it was was even more pretty with all the little twinkle lights and the reception area and bar sat right on a man made lake. can you believe i forgot to take pictures of the bouquets corsages and boutonnieres? i swear if my head wasnt on my head i would definitely leave it somewhere.


  1. thanks christina!! hey by the way i got your text about the colored pencils sorry i never wrote back i hope you are still enjoying them.