Saturday, September 1, 2012

Meatball Dinner

It has been so flippin' hot I cannot stand it. I have been dying to cook though and not just put together salads. So I made beef meatballs. I used ground sirloin italian seasoned bread crumbs grated cheese salt pepper and an egg. Sometimes I throw fennel seeds or crushed fennel in to give it a sausage flavor. Anyway I mix everything together in a bowl and then roll them up into balls. I fry them in a big pan with a little olive oil as the beef I use isnt that fatty. Once they are browned all over i throw diced onions and chopped up garlic and then let that cook down a bit. I finally add a big can of crushed tomatoes and basil and a little more salt and pepper with some shakes of dried italian herbs and a hit of red wine. I let that cook on high until it starts to bubble up and then put the lid back on and turn the heat down and cook for as long as I can preferably until the meat becomes soft so at least for 45 minutes. Otherwise the balls can be a little tough. So they are perfect on soft soundough rolls split open with sauce and a salad. I wish I had some now.

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