Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Paper Goods

Here is some shameless self promotion of what I have been working on. I'm also shamelessly promoting others as well. ENJOY! Here are some Dahlia Moleskine Cahiers from my shop Soulflower. They are rough block prints outlined in India ink. I love how the ink did what it wanted. Sometimes I get wrapped up in trying to get everything just so and forget that a block print is different and sometimes wildly different each time. I also love outlining things. I once had the pleasure of taking a watercolor class on the sly with artist Verna Wells. She told me the outlining gave things a cartoonish look. I totally agree and love it!
Who doesn't love salt and pepper? Who doesn't love these cards? This shop has lots of tags and labels as well. This is Ennaneve and you should take a look at all of her adorable hand printed stuff!

This is a color scheme after my own heart. This is CuriousGravy. It is a block print card company that started about the same time as my own. The designs are very geometric and precise. I love them. She also has a cool cooking blog!

These are screen printed cards by the Cutiepiecompany. This company has really cute and useful paper products like journals. Check out the buttercups screen printed cards too!

These are super cute cards by JuliePeach. She also has a variety of block and screen printed stuff for you and your home.

I love visting Nydampress. I love love love these block prints. They are incredibly detailed. She sells prints , bookmarks , and cards. You should visit this shop too!

This is LittleJohnPrints. Its a relatively new shop which features block printed cards. I love these pink whales. I have also featured the cloud cards from their shop in a fantasy shopping spree!

Here is a really cool shop called Rifferaff. She used to sell a lot of screen printed wrapping paper but now mostly sells soap which she wraps in her paper designs. She still sells some paper goods like this cool birthday card. She also has a cool blog called MakeIt.


  1. Love your selections! That Happy Birthday Dude card is great.

  2. How many times could I possibly use the word cool to describe the last shop?yikes!