Monday, July 20, 2009

Summer Nights

Well I guess summer is in full swing now. It is going to be about 101 degrees here today! So that makes me want to take a shopping trip through Etsy! How about a casual evening party tonight?

I thought these mixer cards from Tommymama would be the perfect invite!

I love the colors on this t shirt from Marysink. It would go great with my beige and turquoise skirt! A girl has gotta to look great and keep cool!

These colorful glasses would be a perfect addition to my outdoor table! They are from Deluxanyc!

These cupcakes are from Thecupcakemint. They are the loveliest shade of blue. They would make the most wonderful dessert. But do you really need a reason to eat cupcakes?
This mobile or about 3 of them would look dreamy in the tree in the garden...especially if you also wrap the tree with little lights. The mobile is from Jennymakesmobiles.

How cool are the napkins? They are from ChristinaWilliams. Hey Christina you rock!

So I know this trip was a little short...but it was just for the essentials! I hope it inspired you to have a evening party this summer...I'm getting ready for mine on August 8th!


  1. I love the mobile!! Need to check out that shop. We are having an unseasonalbly cool summer so far. A high of 73 today. But I'm not complaining. You can keep your 100.

  2. I love that t-shirt! what a great idea! xoxo

  3. I can't look at the cupcakes, they're too cute & yummy!

  4. Those cupcakes are pretty, and I love that shirt! Good choices!

  5. I've been craving cupcakes and you're not helping!

    Love that shirt. :)

  6. What a great mobile! Etsy is so much fun. My shop is at, and my blog is

  7. I dig that first shirt, and those glasses are really cool.

  8. Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    It definitely is a fine line we walk calling ourselves professional Artists when we don't make any money at it but Vincent Van Gogh keeps it real!

    Cupcakes, Yum!!!

    regards, T.

  9. Don't you love those mobiles? Once I get my own place, I'll definitely order one.

    Also, congrats on making the back to school gift guide! :)

  10. LOVE those glasses - and that cupcake looks awesome!

    (wanna share some of the warmth? we're still waiting for it to stop raining here in toronto!)

  11. Thanks...Ms.Huh!
    Ill be sure to send 15 degrees to the lovely toronto...if only i had that kind of power!

  12. That t-shirt looks like some huge off-register
    color test. So interesting and so fun.

    (ps. You wouldn't have to put the hubby and kid on Craigslist to move into the white apartment...the building is super pet friendly and kid friendly. Way less critters and kiddies here in the new building)