Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Its Warm Very Warm

The May catalogue from Anthropologie is where I want to be right now. I want to sip my iced tea from these Scoubi chairs and table in this pretty lake while little fish would be swimming around my ankles. I also wouldn't mind swimming around in that cream and purple Floating Lotus dress either ! Those Mercury Scale earrings are also pretty amazing too. Now if I was only as gorgeous as that model life would be set for this very very warm day.


  1. Wow! These photos are STUNNING! The luminosity, especially in the photo of the woman in the Floating Lotus dress, reminds me of the work of Maxfield Parrish.

    I just want to be transported into these photos!

  2. it totally does look like maxfield parrish...i didnt even think of that. My grandmother is crazy for his paintings! She has them everywhere.