Wednesday, May 16, 2012

blackberry financiers

 financiers are little french cakes made with brown butter and almond flour or in this case i processed sliced almonds and flour together
 brown butter is when you heat your butter and it separates and the bits turn brown by the way it smells heavenly
 traditionally these are made in rectangular molds but the recipe i used called for a mini muffin tin which yields 24 delicious cakes
 there is also honey in this recipe
 and only egg whites
but tons of sugar
have i mentioned how delicious these are and that they are all gone....
yup every last one of them. those are blackberries on the top of them too. too bad you were not here to partake in the joy. they would also be perfect with champagne. yes they would. the recipe is here. enjoy!


  1. yummy! the blackberries are almost ripe at my mom and dad's house and when they are i will have to try this one and invite you for champagne brunch!

  2. mmmmm backyard blackberries are the best. yes i want to come to champagne brunch at your place. how about we send your husband and children to my place with daniel and my kids and i come to you. it will be a mini stay at home vacation.