Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Breakfast Today

Open faced BLT with basil from the garden.

The heirloom tomatoes I purchased because mine are still relatively small and still flowering.

Every year we grow a tomato garden usually from seed but this year there was no time so I purchased some starts from a shop on etsy called horticopia.

We usually start our herbs from seed too but not this year...oh well. You can actually see the biodegradable pot I didnt bury deep enough.

Yummy basil.

My husband asked me to photograph some little plants we started from cuttings. Arent they cute? Right to left sedum, variegated jade,regular jade and pinetrees.


  1. You are so busy gardening,always amazing cooking, and art and inspiration!!!
    Can't wait to meet and work with you in person :)

  2. you ARE SO NICE...but truth be told im a mess....hahaha oh well what can one do!

  3. oh my gosh, your open faced BLT looks sooooo good!
    and the green is from your garden? can it get any better?

  4. yes if i had a housekeeper too....hhhahhhaa!!!