Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Test Run

I used water based ink.....aaarrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh F@#$! Why is that highlighted? Anyhow I hand tinted him with watercolor pencil just for the sake of taking him to the end. HMMMMmmm.....water based ink a lovely thing but it kept drying( i spritzed the ink and the paper this was the best one of two prints) up I know one can put extender in it but then the ink is done and if I can save some ink I do. I am a cheap ass you know. Art supplies are expensive. So I patiently await my daniel smith block printing oil ink. Oil bases inks take seven days to dry. I also had lots of splotches because he wasnt mounted but I got too excited to print and then cried when everything went awry. So this week he is being glued to a board and I bought huge ass pavers for my press. screw doing it with a baren.


  1. wow, this looks really cool! i can imagine it was hard work. hang in there!

  2. Looking great! You sound like my husband when he gets worked up about inks/paints/pencils, etc. I love that your code curse word is highlighted too ;)

  3. thanks lw and pc! hopefully this weekend i will be able to reprint.