Friday, June 3, 2011


It is our eleventh wedding anniversary and I think its the first time we didnt have the day off together.

This is the cocktail we will be drinking tonight. I am hoping we will be going to The Spice Table tomorrow for lunch or dinner.

Isnt this picture so pretty? Its from my book 501 must-drink cocktails. Its a gin drink. I like gin ALOT.

Oh and the nibbles came from Pinecone Camp of course. Click on the link for the recipe. They are salty sweet olive biscuits. So now I wait for the man to come home so I can mix cocktails.


  1. happy 11th anniversary! the biscuits looks delicious. hope you have a nice celebration. let the gin flow! :)

  2. Daniel is so lucky. If I were a bro, I'd beat his ass to be with you. Sorry, Daniel.

  3. awwww happy anniversary! i love the heart shaped cookies! adorable!

  4. thanks Lw...they were sounds like an odd combo but if you like salty sweet they are perfect for ones lips.the gin flow was fun:)

    Hahaha you are so funny christina!!! when you finally have time...ever i will make you some.

    Thanks rita!

  5. awwww and they heart shaped!
    Happy Anniversary! :D