Friday, June 24, 2011

Michio Kaku

This man is so cool. My husband and I have been watching and reading about him for years. He was on cnn recently concerning Fukushima. I think we need to get out our NO NUKES signs again if you ever put them away. Click here if you didnt see the interview.


  1. yikes! i didn't know about the radiation in milk...i wonder if soy milk too? probably everything!! the japanese govt. is sooooo secretive about it all
    bas, sad stuff

  2. yes there it was also in milk and lettuce here in california.

  3. I agree! I am so proud Germany pulled out of the nuklear business....

  4. me too victoria i cant even believe this is an issue.

  5. Unfortunately it's everywhere. It concerns everyone. It's not some fire on the other side. Also it's not just our government that's secretive; are people even aware of what's going down in Nebraska? You could have the same scenario as Fukushima if the dams in that area broke loose.

  6. yes its is and its a concern for me.well it always has been since i was a young girl listening to helen caldicott. many friends of mine got weary of my rantings and would often ask why i even bother to read and listen because there isnt a damn thing i can do about it. You are right its not just your govt ours is probably even worse than yours when it comes to secrets and that is regardless of who is the president.unfortunately people do think its the fire on the other side especially when its not in their faces or their country or their state and people get pissed hearing about it too. too many people have bought into the lie about nuclear energy(as well as the petroleum indsutry) just like people vote politcians into office who are really not in their best interest. We could have a fukushima any moment in my beautiful state of california and close to me relativey is the san onofre nuclear power plant especially if we have a large earthquake but ai people dont give a shit it pains me to say it and i will continue to be annoying about it in my personal conversations.everyone rolls their eyes when i enter a political discussion. its disgusting and appalling about what is going on in nebraska.they are using sandbags to keep water out. how frigging reassuring is that? i recently sent steven chu an email about an article he wrote for the huffington post which was utter bullshit about better safegaurds.i am going to say something utterly utterly utterly terrible right now bcause there is no excuse for killing your fellow man and i dont condone murder either but sometimes i uderstand what what ted kaczynski was trying to do. Just so everyone knows i dont condone his methods so dont flame me with a bunch of emails. i just understand how frustration can go that far and trying to hold individuals responsible. Again i will say just because i claim to have understanding doesnt mean i agree or condone his methods there is always a better way. murdering living human beings is never the right price.
    he was a domestic terrorist the unabomber
    i will shut up now.

  7. I do remember the unabomber. I think he got caught while I was still living in the states.

    Unabomber aside, I feel your frustration. People don't realize because they don't give a shit or are kept hidden from the truth about the history and propaganda of the nuclear industry, but the world is no longer the same as pre-3.11. And it could happen over and over again as long as there is nuclear energy: the energy us human beings cannot handle.

    It's been such a big, and the toughest wake-up call for me. I see everything differently now. It's just so unfortunate that we, especially the innocent children and generations to come, had to pay such a huge price for it...

    Keep voicing your opinions and annoy as many people as you can! That's exactly what I've been doing lately. ;-)