Sunday, June 5, 2011


From the supermarket....

So pretty I couldnt resist.

Six dollars well spent. I also picked up a hanging fuchsia today.Its so beautiful it hurts.


  1. Hey Shellie,

    These always remind me of Dame Enda Everage, so cool! :)

    Love them :)

    Thanks so much for your help the other day with blogger, it really helped.

    I love the flowers you made for your Mom, truly awesome. :)

    Have a lovely Monday, cheers, T. :)

    P.S. YAY! to be back on blogger :)

  2. I have orange gladiolas in my backyard. Every year, without fail, they pop up.

  3. wow, yeah, i'd definitely say that was 6 bucks well spent. something as gorgeous like that would cost at least twice as much over here. you are such a great flower person, i love it!

    i got a very nice lavender plant for my birthday. i love the smell on my fingers when i rub the leaves! i hope it doesn't die on me. i read that if i treat it well, it can make it for years!

  4. Dame Enda huh? I saw a photo where she/he had hair the color of those gladiolas.Im glad blogger is working for you again...what a hassle indeed!

    Hey Carmie lucky you someday i hope to have glads in the garden all i have right now bulb wise are bearded irises.

    LW Im surprised about the price since you live relatively close to holland and the international flower market.I guess I really am lucky to get six dolloar glads.I love lavender too. Just dont overwater it or let it dry out completely. I have 2 of the spanish varieties. I love the smell. I love dr bronners lavender soap it kind of has a medicinal smell but i totally dig it.

  5. been having trouble w/ comments on blogger..
    happy belated 11th.
    i agree w/ the above too...dr. bronners lavender and peppermint soaps ROCK!!!

  6. haaa haa! so that's why! internet explorer 9 messed up my sign in on blogger. thanks for the info sf, i won't ever check the box on the sign in again (;

  7. omg! i hardly see any purple gladiolas here. so pretty!

  8. Those 6 bucks are more than well spent!! looks like 60!!
    and feels like 600 :)
    Okay, numbers don't matter. The truth: they are beautiful.

    I thought I left a comment last time but it's not here so here I go once more :)

  9. hey rita i rarely see them out here in suburbia too thats why i had to grab them.

    Yes pascale i agree. i love flowers so much. i used to live closer to los angeles so i would go to the flower market all the time. HAHA the comment thing i do that ALL the time so dont feel bad and i am going to go have a donut tommorrow:)

  10. kim im glad blogger is working for you now,what a friggin hassle.ARe you getting ready? is the stress on? I only got one large lino done.I am also starting to cut paper to do a mega scared but i can do it,right?