Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Saturday I scored some butterfly garlands to hang up over the table for my mother's birthday.

Daniel taped them up with duct tape thinking it would be strong enough. The tape looked kind cool cause he cut in small strips. So I thought that maybe some paper flower poms would look even better over the duct tape. So Sunday I started my paper pom project.

I cut the paper with scalloped scissors.

I tied them with string instead of wire.

Here they are all pulled apart. They are super easy to make. I am always amazed when I see people paying top dollar to purchase them.Here is a link to a tutorial at Martha Stewart. I used four sheets of paper cut in quarters for mine and different colors for each flower.

I think they turned out nicely.

But I need more for the whole ceiling.

My mom totally dug them. I also need to buy some pretty hooks as they fell down this morning. The tape only lasted so long.

Our yummy lunch which was a potato,bean, and vegetable salad.

The top of my shelf.

Here is my crazy little boy.

Of course sophie is blurry.


  1. nice decoration! you are one handy woman! i love it. did it take long to make? oh and the salad looks wonderful. i am a big fan of salads. that's a very good thing, since i also love deep fried food. salads balances it out. haha

  2. Such awesome decorations! I love the purple wall too!

  3. That's so beautiful... really sets off the colour of the room. This is a room I wouldn't mind spending time sitting in, being creative and making handicraft or writing - it has that sorta atmosphere. :)

  4. lw thanks....no they dont take very long to make. Yes salads are a good thing.we eat them a lot so i have to come up with hardier versions because my husband doesnt eat animal flesh.

    meagan...thanks as you probably figured i love love love paper.

    Kenny thanks so much....its kind of a daring color but i love it. ireally do think it helps with creativity and perhaps someday you will be spending time here creating as well as long as there is a hot pot involved.

  5. Shellie, how flipping cute are your decorations! Well done! I'm happy to read that your mom was suitably impressed. ;)

  6. Thanks Janis.I still have to make your olive crackers.

  7. Hi Shellie, thanks for stopping by elasticpantcity. A Caesar is essentially a Bloody Mary using Clamato juice rather than straight tomato juice. I combined a bunch of recipes I found on google until I liked the taste : )

  8. I am so hiring you for my 26th.

    Miss your face. Feeling really ragged and job continuously reveals to me the inequities of the human world.

  9. Thanks mary....i didnt know thats what they were called when using clamato juice. That reminds me of my youth drinking those in a rv called the fireball. I had a friend whose father hosted evening coctail parties there. His also had tequila.Oh MY goood times while they lasted.

    Ms christina i miss your face too.I am sorry you are so ragged.Are you taking classes this summer? I think you need a break.

  10. oh wow, you are an artist! so pretty! love the color of your wall!!