Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Did I mention that last Saturday was a total splurge day? Yeah well its been all veggies and egg whites this week except for yesterday. More on that later though. Yes that is bacon delicious bacon for a recipe I picked up at Not Without Salt. The recipe was for zucchini fritters.

Deep fried golden deliciousness. They swung swang swinged(sorry i was feeling silly) a little in the southwest flavor department. Next time I am going to add more bacon and fresh corn bits. Oh yeah I ran out of flour(how did that happen?) so I used rice flour instead.

You eat them with a tarragon garlic mayo sauce. Its funny I couldn't stomach mayonnaise for years and years since I was a kid. Then I popped Sophie out 37 years later and I frigging love the stuff now. I think that's kind of strange.

For our main course we had pan fried rib eye steaks. We actually split one. Then I made a sauce with butter, shallots, Worcestershire, dijon, and capers. Oh GOODNESS it was wonderful and we washed it down with some french red wine. I don't remember which but the whole thing was quite lovely!


  1. OH MY GOD. bacon?? fried food? mmmmmmmmmm. those pics made my mouth water big time!

  2. i know its hard to resist the fried....i made them again this past weekend...but no MORE.