Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wind Whipped

The wind was so ridiculous on Saturday we even wondered if we should hang the paper streamers.
We did but we left them long and hanging so they could float up and tease the kids.

I also made paper flowers that I was going to hang vertically but we ended up stringing them across the pavilion instead.

There they are whipping in the wind. The kids (my stepfather had instructed them to do this) ripped off all the balloons I taped to the ends of the streamers.

My nieces running back to the pavilion for pinata time.

Look its Frida....

Look its her insides spilled out....

My baby girl eating raspberry cupcakes!


  1. sweet party pavillion! love the embroidered dress, adorable :)

  2. yes rita it did turn out to be pretty fun and we had those yummy tri tip wraps i made a while ago and bbq hotdogs!

    Hey kim i love that dress too. There is a shop on etsy that sells them for adults but they are extortionate but perhaps someday!