Friday, May 27, 2011

Random Stuff

Flowering stalks from the aeonium haworthii plant

Here they are up close. I was having a hard time trying to capture their yellowish green color. They kept turning white in a lot of the photos.

Pine cones from our pine trees. We have a huge cutting bed underneath them.

Cuttings to make some new plants. These plants are fuzzy. The red ones are echeveria puloliver and the white one is some sort of senecio. I cant remember the name right now.

Are you tired of seeing aeonium arboreum yet?

Here are two of my favorite so called natural products. Mrs. Meyers counter top spray( I also use the powdered cleaner too) from The Caldrea Company and Dr. Bronners. I have been using these products for years. I love them. They have very herbal medicinal smells. I think that's why I love Aveda products as well. Did you see the movie about Dr. Bronners magic soap? It was really interesting. I don't go for the religious aspects of Dr.Bronner but I do agree that people must be all one or none. It makes great bathroom reading though if you happen to been in there for awhile. Oh yeah and I use lots of other things like comet, bleach wipes,windex, and regular dish washing soap.

Woo hoo! I got more carving done too. It may not look like I have done much but what I have carved represents hours of work,a tricep workout, and blood.One might ask why don't you carve at night when the kids go to bed. Well because I'm too tired to use very sharp instruments that can give you VERY nasty cuts. That's why I doodle and draw and watch animes at that time. Oh yeah and this guy he has a partner too. She is the next one to cut out and hopefully that will start next week. I am so far behind. So there is my random stuff although it wasn't quite as exciting as luuworld's recent random post!!!

And lastly Blogger please hurry up and fix this posting and logging in mess. I am officially pissed off :)

Oh Hey! If anyone is having problems leaving comments I tried something that worked for me.

When I went to leave my comment I had to sign in again but this time I unchecked the little keep me signed in box and I was able to leave a comment under my blog name. What a pain in the ass!


  1. will it work for me now here?*crossing fingers*

  2. wow, all the details in the carving are great.