Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lets Start with Dessert

So Saturday after the kids left I had to get ready for my best friend little Ms. Harumi. She came over to hang out. So I decided to make chocolate pudding pies. I seriously should know how to make pate brisee without a recipe but I always have to double check. When I was busy wasting time at ikea last Monday I found individual ceramic pie pans. That is why I decided to make little pies.

Here is the the dark chocolate for the pudding. I got the recipe here at the smitten kitchen.

BUTTER....everything is better with it, right?

I swear I could eat the pate brisee just like this!

Rolling it out....

Arent they cute and yummy looking all at the same time?

Here they are cooked up. The recipe says that if the dough is worked right they shouldnt puff up but mine always do. They still taste great though!

Yes....everyone got mad at me for taking too many pictures because they wanted to eat. Also you have to have fresh whipping cream too.

I wish I had some right now. I did have left over dough and I show you what I did with that later on. It was nice hanging out and eating. There are a lot more food posts about last saturday. I hadnt really cooked lately so I needed too get that out of my system. She also brought rice balls. Thats the next post. Oh god I love rice balls so much you dont even know. Oh I hope blogger fixes the posting problem. I love commenting as you probably noticed.


  1. lookin at this post reminds me of what my british friend used to say. "you keep em mean to keep em keen!".
    cause you made me all hungry, which is cruel, cause im still in bed!!!! but i know i'll come back for more! lol

  2. Ah, so this is where the leftover dough came from. ;)

  3. Sorry I made you hungry Luu. I hope you had some chocolate today!

    Yes lfb....this is where it came from.
    Oh yeah I can post anon currently....its a miracle perhaps the problem will be fixed soon