Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Sunday we each made a succulent arrangement with cuttings in bubble bowls.

This one belongs to daniel.

The bowls are filled with quartz sand and polished rocks.

This one was a sample for a potential wedding. The mother of the bride and the bride really like them. Yay! I hope we get the job.

I took the pictures....you like the red car in the background. Thank goodness you cant see our amber waves of weeds in the background. The whacking of them may be at hand this weekend. I hope I hope because I am getting pretty rashy.

Inside the bubble. Being inside of a bubble always reminds me of a Kurt Vonnegut story Slaughter House Five. I saw the movie but I have the book. Someday I will read it....someday.


  1. gorgeous arrangement! The red car in the background looked as if it was driving past a beautiful desert :D

  2. thanks rita. the car is ours parked in the driveway.