Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dinner with Anna

So I finally met up and had dinner with one of my favorite local bloggers. We went out to a restaurant called GRUB in Los Angeles. It was very yummy home style kind of food. The above photo is of my jalapeno mac n cheese. I guess the salad is there to make you feel like you are making some decent food choices.

Well I had a great time with Anna and I cant wait to meet up again. We are working on an art project together. Remember I make stuff? Apparently I publish more about what I eat than my actual work. Hey but eating can be serious work, right? Anyway it was such a pleasure to meet another blogger and open up my circle of friends. This picture is the crab cake salad Anna had. IT looked good but I am not a lover of the sea food.

You should take a visit to her new blog on Tumblr. She has a series I adore called writers block which is about music. She also writes and finds fantastic photos with a lot of thoughtfulness. Does that make sense even? I am all drugged out on allergy medication right now so I have an actual excuse for my mistakes for a change. Also guess what! I am going to be at the renegade craft faire this year in Los Angeles. So come and visit me if you are out here. By the way the photos are from Anna's phone. Thanks Anna!


  1. !!! I hope you visit when I semi-get a life!!!

  2. thanks for the compliments! your visit made me so happy! can't wait to see our project bloom!!!
    hugs hugs and more hugs!

  3. Yummy! This all looks great!

    Frida pinata? Can I come too?!

  4. Oh Shellie, what a fun thing to get to visit with a blogger buddy in person and to have such a lovely meal AND work on an art project tog. I am so jealous but so excited for you :)

    Have a lovely day, T. :)

  5. i like how they advertise as "california comfort food" and the menu sounds awesome! i'm having jalapeno pizza now..never had the mac n cheese but that sounds yummy.
    happy cinco de mayo! looking forward to renegade too;)

  6. i wish i was eating jalapeno pizza too. daniel likes that kind of pizza with pineapple. im so hungry i better start making dinner, guess im a little late.

  7. oh yum! comfort food at its best...with a healthy dose of greens :D

  8. yes T but you got to work on that fabulous photography project which is amazing!

  9. indeed rita!

    Do they have the mac n cheese in bangkok? I suppose they do.When i lived in england oh so long ago i found a box of craft mac n cheese at a gourmet food store which i thought was hilarious!

    Hey christina if you are available tomorrow around three you can come to the birthday becaus you know what a happening party its going to be with all those yelling children.