Friday, May 6, 2011


Here is the Frida pinata I ordered for Sophie's birthday party at the park tomorrow.

How cute are the earrings?

Its really a shame the kids are going to smash her face. I bought her on etsy from WHACK. Luckily for me the whack people live only 4.7 miles from me well thats what google maps said.

Look what I found and couldn't resist. Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers!


We had a picnic in the living room yesterday. I have been avoiding the outdoors as my allergies have been in full force. We will see what tomorrow shall be like at the park. Oh well. I need to start the cooking for tomorrow now so I am not spinning in circles tomorrow!


  1. HAPPY, HAPPY B.Day Sophie :)

    I hope the day goes well Shellie and your allergies aren't too bad, lots of cake helps!

    Have a lovely Weekend, T. :)

  2. thanks T. Yes cake does help!

  3. haha, that frieda pinata is kinda awesome!

    Thought you might be interested in entering my Jennifer Elizabeth fringe shimmy necklace giveaway. It's open to everyone!

  4. I definitely want one of those pinatas for my birthday, but to hang somewhere at my place indefinitely!

    I can't believe Sophie's already another year old?!

  5. Fiesta Frida is awesome! I have my eye on the winking cowboy for Sid's b-day!

  6. thanks for the heads up on the contest!

    I know already 4....there is also an audrey hepburn pinata that is soooo super cool but its not listed right now....i was thinking about how buddhist monks make sand mandalas and then destroy them to show the lesson of that a word and did i even spell that right? and to teach the value of letting go of material things just the way someone took the time to build this cool creation just to end up to be smashed....perhaps im thinking too much and not about what i really should be doing at this time. Dork power activated shape of weird religious thinkings. A little wondertwins for your friday afternoon.remember them from the superfriends...

  7. the frida pinata is so cool. i love frida kahlo- she's one of my all time favorite artists! oh the art and life of that woman!

    and your kids are so cute. how wonderful to have a picnic in the living room. oh and i can relate to the allergy thing. i've been reduced to a sneezing nose for two weeks now. bummer.

  8. lw yes the kids are cute i wish they had an uncle like you!!! frida is and was pretty awesome i totally dig her too. sorry about the allergies mine are in full force from being out at the park this weekend and the kids ejoyed smashing fridas face!im not signed in and too lazy to doit!!!!shellie