Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So I couldnt let him have all the fun, right?

I used the bigger bowl and large pieces of green blue chunks of quartz instead of polished rocks.

The colors daniel used were specific to the client's request. The colors I used were specific to my taste.

Oh lala there is that graptopetalum. Its normally all purplish grey but it has been inside for about a month in a half and it elongated and is turning green due to light and stress. I wished I got longer and thinner and turned a pretty color when I have stress.

Pretty bits of sedum.

This photo didnt turn out so well...oh well.The flower stem looks weird.

Anyway I should be desoiling 33 plants right now and feeding some hungry children. I stayed up until 2am last night to help daniel pack plants and clean the kitchen up. The house funk level is moderate to low now but its still horrible. I have like seven linoleums to carve and I am totally distracted. My coffee is cold too. Why is it when there is some much to do I decide to visit my Grandmother and go to ikea? Maybe I have adhd...remember those horrible commercials about adults with that disorder? I dont but I am reaching for excuses right now.

Oh and by the way I secretly throw out succulents that are long leggy beasts behind my husbands back.You know who I am talking to, right?


  1. those succulent terrariums are beautiful! way to go!! and it's so funny, b/c i somehow managed to get over to IKEA yesterday when i was supposed to be in my studio diligently working away!! haha..maybe i have adhd too...!

  2. so pretty i almost want to eat them!!!
    can you make one for me in marzipan?!

  3. nice looking plants. very peculiar looking! reminds me somehow of underwater plants. :)

  4. oh you and i are having similar lives right now! minus the children, the plants and the marriage. just the funk level!

  5. perhap we suffer from the same disease lili...i was actually at ikea in covina the same day you were but im sure you were at a different one.

    YEs marizpan succulents that would be great for a wedding....i wish daniel and i could get married again.

    lw they do look like underwater plants and sometimes like little seamonsters.

    oh anna my funk level went back up to moderate/high. the good news is i am carving my blocks and i even cut myself three times and there is blood on my lino. I am so tired and i need chocolate pudding.

  6. Oh you crack me up :)

    I love it :)

    Sorry I haven't been around blogger was throwing a tizzy fit like a 2 year old last week, couldn't get anything done with it :)

    Have a lovely Friday, T. :)

  7. oh yes blogger has been a real bugger lately....i reposted then deleted.It was quite fun. im glad i crack you up but i think i am the one cracking....things have finally calmed down at least for a few days....*fingers crossed*eyes closed for extra amounts of will being sent to that last thought*

    as always t thanks for stopping by and i hope you weekend is great!